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The Travel Attaché is the Middle East’s premier luxury travel specialist.

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Mishal Kanoo



Mishal Kanoo is Deputy Chairman of The Kanoo Group,  one of the largest independent, family owned companies in the Gulf region.

Possessing a reputation for progress and development, the group has interests in the Shipping, Machinery, Logistics, Oil & Gas, Retail and Travel sectors among others with operations in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

A frequent speaker at conferences throughout the GCC, Mishal is an authority on regional business affairs and global capital markets. He enjoys a unique and often controversial insight into local business life, which he frequently shares through his ongoing journalistic work.

Renowned for his steadfast ethical and religious beliefs, Mishal is a champion of education, honesty and forward-thinking. His values underline the Kanoo Family heritage making it one of the most vibrant and compelling stories in the Middle East.